Campus Design and Facilities

Contracting Services

Contracting Services provides contractual administrative oversight of design and renovation projects, deferred maintenance, and Major & Minor Capital Improvement Projects for Design & Construction and Physical Facilities as well as other campus departments.

Our services include the review of specifications, the development and coordination of contract documents, bidding and award of projects, and the execution and administration of all levels of agreements.

Contact: Fax: 805-893-8592

Greg Moore, Associate Director, 805-893-3298
Jill Monthei, Analyst Supervisor, 805-893-7448
Christine Ellis, Analyst, 805-893-3076
Tyler Williams, Analyst, 805-893-5214
Michelle Sanchez, Analyst, 805-893-8859
Gina Herrera, Admin. Assistant, 805-893-7120

Contracting Services address:
Contracting Services
Facilities Management, Bldg. 439
Door #E, Reception
UCSB Santa Barbara, CA 93106-1030