Campus Design and Facilities

Design & Construction Services

Design & Construction Services is responsible for the delivery of UCSB's major and minor capital improvement program and for the associated $800 million program budget.

Guidelines for Department Staff/Client Departments (PDF)

Small Projects Process Phases Document 02-15-2013 (PDF)

Design and Construction Services Organizational Chart (PDF)

Approvals and Implementation Small Construction Projects 2010 (PDF)

Building and Fire Code Compliance (PDF)

Design and Construction Services Recharge Rates FY 12/13 (PDF)


Jack Wolever, Architect - Director, 893-4581
University of Arkansas  Bachelor of Architecture

Ron Strahl, P.E. - Deputy Director, 893-8674

Ray Aronson, P.E. - Associate Director, 893-4535

Paul Gawronik, Architect - Associate Director, 893-8343

Frank Castanha, P.E. - Associate Director, 893-7987

Daniel Belding, Associate Architect - Administrative Supervisor, 893-7122

Intercollegiate Athletics Building

Intercollegiate Athletics Building


Project Management

Daniel J. Brooks, P.E., PMP, Project Manager, 319-8481

Erich Brown, Architect, University's Representative, 893-4128

Karl Burrelsman, P.E., University's Representative, 893-7986

DeeDee Ciancola, Architect, University's Representative, 893-2661 x2209

Leslie Colasse, Project Manager, 893-4938

Steve Eggemeyer, P.E., University's Representative, 893-7193

Zeina Ellis, Project Manager, 893-2579

Telli Foster, University's Representative, 893-2661 x2408

James Gonzales, University's Representative, 893-2661 x2204

Brian Graham, Project Manager, 893-4078

Jennifer Hernandez, Project Manager, 893-2661 x2214

Gene Horstin, Asbestos & Lead Coordinator, University's Representative, 451-1918

Liana Khammash, International Associate Architect, Project Manager, 893-3898

Paul Kouns, Project Manager, 893-7270

George Levinthal, Architect, University's Representative, 893-2661 x2205

Jennifer L. Pierce, P.E., Deputy University's Representative, 893-8227

Mark Schwartzbach, University's Representative, 893-2625

Joe VanThyne, University's Representative, 893-6137

Croft Yjader, University's Representative, 893-2661 x2206

ESSB & The Carsey-Wolf Center

Carsey-Wolf Building

Architect: Kallman, McKinnell & Wood Architects


Jeff Enge, Senior Construction Inspector, 451-1245

Tom Haas, Inspector, 450-4985

Rod Jenkins, Senior Construction Inspector, 451-1085

Doug D. McGinnis, Senior Construction Inspector, 469-4933

Peter Ryan, Senior Construction Inspector, 451-8541

Rick Whitehead, Senior Construction Inspector, 451-2506

Harold Frank Hall--Engineering I 1965

Harold Frank Hall

Architect: Charles Luckman Associates

Records Management

Paul Bartsch, GIS Specialist/CAD Operator 451-7309

James Claffey, Records Specialist

Physical Sciences North

Physical Sciences

Architect: The Ratcliff Architects/Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Project Administration

Tracy Howard, Construction Project Administrator, 893-4941

Anne-Marie Nething, Analyst 1, 893-6987

Sean Parker, Analyst 1, 893-2661 x2201

Lisa Ramirez, Construction Project Administrator, 893-4969

Michelle Sanchez, Construction Project Administrator, 893-8859

Daniel Steed, Labor Compliance Officer, 893-6141

Fax Building 370 - 805-893-4493